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WINNER: Gregg Popovich

> O Captain! My Captain! The places we've been, the sights we've seen, the nasty we've craved, the gold we've kissed and held aloft. Would we ever have experienced these great highs without Gregg Popovich at the helm of this mighty juggernaut that is our San Antonio Spurs? The one constant (besides Old Man River Walk) has been Gregg Charles Popovich, the curmudgeon with a heart of gold and a mind as well-suited for basketball strategy as any the world has ever seen. Why do we love Pop? Is it because of his famously terse treatment of reporters? You bet. The way he asks, "Is that it?," leaving his enquirers shrinking into themselves? Sure. Is it because he has given us the greatest franchise in NBA history? Absolutely. But, mostly, it's because Pop is what we'd all like to be: the best at what we do, no apologies, little fanfare, lots'a nasty.

2. Sean Elliott

3. Greg Simmons

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