Best Stand-Up Comic

Kim Kerley

Winner: Kim Kerley

Veteran stand-up comedian Kim Kerley doesn't push the limits with her act. Her focus tends to be on tried-and-true subjects — girl-guy relationships, menopause or student loans, for example. She also plays it clean, even if she does sneak in a fart joke here and there. In other words, edgy she ain't. But that's not the demographic Kerley's aiming for. Sure, there's an audience for f-bomb-dropping comics whose satire is so cutting it can draw blood, but there's also a sizable crowd that craves accessible material that wouldn't be out of place during the Carson era of the Tonight Show. Kerley specializes in the latter, and her relaxed, amiable delivery reflects the kind of confidence gained with two decades working in the stand-up biz (and in radio). With YouTube clips boasting tens of thousands of views and slots on showcases around the country, it's clear Kerley has found her comedic stride.

2. Cleto Rodriguez

3. Larry Garza

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