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Our Pick: Cocina Heritage, (210) 560-3454,

Cocina Heritage, the catering firm headed by Lupita Rivero and Silvia Alcaraz, has been highlighted many times during its four year history. Both its rakia-infused flan and tres leches cake have made headlines, and deservedly so. Today (and every day), we’re celebrating their tamales. The sisters make several varieties, all amazingly delish, but the ones we keep coming back for are the cochinita pibil variation. Their slow-roasted pork with achiote paste wrapped in masa-covered banana leaves highlight Cocina’s dedication to authentic interior Mexican cuisine. Their vegan and chicken tamales are also not to be missed. Make an order today for your own batch of heavenly deliciousness through their website or via phone. Perfect for parties and the general stuffing-of-faces, Cocina’s tamales can easily be frozen if desired and enjoyed whenever your mood strikes.

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