Best Tattoo Shop

Element Tattoo

Winner: Element Tattoo

4741 Fredericksburg Road

(210) 979-9877

Faced with the Alamo City's ever-expanding roster of tattoo shops, it might be daunting to decide where to seek your first piece of permanent skin art. Readers once again have given their endorsement to Element Tattoo. The shop has been providing friendly experiences while delivering top-quality tattoos since 2006. Owned and operated by Jedidiah Reed, Element remains a tattoo hotspot, both for collectors looking to fill in the blank spots with quality work and for virgins looking for a friendly and welcoming place to acquire their first ink. From small pieces to complete bodysuits, SA enthusiasts continue turning to Element.

2. Mr. Lucky's Tattoo

2856 Thousand Oaks Road

(210) 736-6900

3. Dandyland Custom Tattoo and

Professional Body Piercing

1620 Fredericksburg Road

(210) 432-5747

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