Best Tattoo Shop

Element Tattoo

Winner: Element Tattoo

4741 Fredericksburg Road

(210) 979-9877

Stylistic diversity is the name of the game at Element Tattoo, which may explain why it's been a multi-time winner in this category. Part of the 14-year-old shop's enduring appeal is that its 10 tattooists have the breadth of knowledge to cover a lot of ground — from traditional American to Japanese styles, from striking bold lines to a fluid, watercolor-like approach. Want a full back piece? Somebody's got you covered. Thinking of a few words of script on your wrist? Nobody's going to look down their nose at you for that choice either. Hell, they even cover all the bases by offering cosmetic tattooing and tattoo removal — because who hasn't picked up a little ink they later regret?

2. Mr. Lucky's Tattoo

2856 Thousand Oaks Drive

(210) 736-6900

3. Golden Rose Tattoo

10540 Culebra Road

(210) 455-9355

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