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Texas Thrift

Winner: Texas Thrift

Multiple locations

Thrifting takes patience, endurance, agility and the willingness to occasionally haggle over price. Some may even call this kind of bargain hunting an art form. Whether or not that's the case, expert thrifters know that the search goes better when you can find a happy hunting ground — a store that's likely to have good turnover and a constant flow of quality merchandise. Fans who regularly peruse the racks count Texas Thrift's four San Antonio stores among those potential goldmines. Some even tell us they've found clothing, accessories and footwear at Texas Thrift that have become their regular fashion go-tos. From branded pop-culture merchandise to kitschy home goods to oversized sweaters from the '80s, there's a likelihood you'll turn up something worthwhile at Texas Thrift. You've just got to be willing to put in the time.

2. Boysville Thrift Store

307 W. Olmos Dr.

(210) 826-2195

3. Revolution Thrift

8513 Blanco Road

(210) 376-8909

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