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Texas Thrift


Winner: Texas Thrift

Multiple locations

Thrifting is an art. It takes patience, endurance, agility and even a personality to be able to haggle down a price. The secret is, you gotta be willing to dig. Go through every article, every aisle, every rack. Some might be repulsed by the idea "like, ew, going through old dusty junk." However, we've spoken to more than a few folks who've shopped at Texas Thrift who have found articles of clothing, accessories and even shoes that have become their favorites and go-tos in their fashion collection. With several locations across the Alamo City, Texas Thrift is a haven and a first-stop for many a vintage collector.

2. Boysville Auxiliary Thrift Store

307 W. Olmos Drive

(210) 826-2195

3. Revolution Thrift

8513 Blanco Road

(210) 376-8909

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