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WINNER: Texas Thrift

Multiple locations

> With 12 locations in the Lone Star State (including four in San Antonio), Texas Thrift is a major player on the second-hand scene. Offering anything but a quaint bargain-store experience, these supermarket-sized destinations might have you reaching for a rickety shopping cart to push through the neatly organized (and even color-coded) racks. With "thousands of new items" reportedly added to each store's floor daily, the company supports a variety of charities via donations while encouraging customers to "recycle, reuse and restyle" and "keep useable items out of local landfills." On a recent visit to Texas Thrift's Windsor Park location off I-35, we were pleasantly surprised to find a decent collection of bargain-priced books and vinyl, a few rounders dedicated to gently worn Fiesta attire ($6.98-$24.92) and a full-blown vintage section stocked with everything from pearl-snap Western shirts ($19.91) to faux fur coats ($49.94) and even an impeccably preserved polyester leisure suit ($79.97).

2. Boysville Auxiliary Thrift Store

307 W. Olmos Drive

(210) 826-2195

3. Family Thrift Center

Multiple locations

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