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Ghost Tracks


Winner: Ghost Tracks

2902 Shane Road

We all know the story. A school bus full of children stalled on a railroad track. They met their fate when a train crashed into the bus in the early 1900s. The popularity of the legend has made the supposed tracks, said to be on San Antonio's South Side, a must-visit for paranormal lovers. Visitors park on the tracks, put baby powder on the trunk of the car, get back inside and put the car in neutral. Then the spirits of the kids killed in the crash push the car over the tracks, and everyone goes wild after seeing tiny handprints in the powder. Except this urban legend has been debunked as not having taken place in the Alamo City, but rather, Salt Lake City, Utah. The real mystery here is how the legend ended up circulating in San Antonio, but that won't stop us from claiming it as our own.

2. La Llorona

South Side San Antonio

3. Donkey Lady Bridge

Applewhite Road over the Medina River

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