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Ghost Tracks

Winner: Ghost Tracks

2902 Shane Road

Well, San Antonio, we're here to burst your Urban Legend bubble yet again. For decades, people have thrown baby powder on their trunks and shifted into neutral on this storied segment of railway tracks to see if they'll be pushed across the intersection to safety by well-meaning spirits who leave evidence behind in the form of tiny handprints. According to the tale, the push comes from wee ghosts of children who met an untimely end in the early 1900s when a train rammed into a bus at the location. However, in 2003, archivist Matt De Waelsche traced the story's origin to a 1938 bus accident all the way out in Salt Lake City, Utah. Even worse, the tracks were "exorcised," if you will, by a construction project last fall. When Union Pacific added a second track to the intersection, they levelled out the elevation, removing the downward slant that vehicles would gently roll down when they were supposedly being "pushed" by the ghosts. Turns out it was just a trick of physics the whole time.

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South Side San Antonio

3. San Antonio's "Wall"

City Perimeter

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