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Ghost Tracks

Winner: Ghost Tracks

2902 Shane Road

Even though the ghost tracks' eerie story has long been debunked — and is now long gone — San Antonio just can't stop loving this urban legend. As the tale goes, some ill-fated children met their end in the early 1900s when an oncoming train smashed their school bus at this intersection. From then on, the kids' spirits would supposedly push any stalled vehicle off the tracks, leading many to test the theory by coating their trunks in baby powder to reveal the handprints of the helpful ghosts. The truth is much more boring: there was a downward slant on the track that would cause vehicles placed in neutral to slowly slip forward, seemingly as if pushed. What's more, the fabled bus wreck never happened — in 2003, archivist Matt De Waelsche tracked down the real source of the tale, which was a 1938 crash way out in Salt Lake City, Utah. Locals still love the debunked tale, but anyone who hadn't already tried their luck at the tracks won't be able to anymore. Union Pacific levelled the elevation of the intersection when it added a second track in the location in 2018.

2. La Llorona

South Side San Antonio

3. Donkey Lady Bridge

Applewhite Road over the Medina River

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