Best Visual Artist

Gio DiZurita

Winner: Gio DiZurita

2. Mauro de la Tierra

Instagram @maurodelatierra

3. Ray Tattooedboy

Instagram @tattooedboy123

Editor's Pick: Diana Kersey

Many exceptionally talented artists call San Antonio home, and their presence and work here sets us apart from other Texas cities. While exhibiting in galleries and museums is a prized goal for many, there's something especially powerful about public art — not only is it permanent, it can be experienced by everyone. Although she's masterful with small-scale works both functional and decorative, local ceramicist Diana Kersey thrives within the realm of large outdoor installations. Frequently inspired by Texas ecology and the cycles of nature, her richly colored ceramic panels bring life to the bridges of Brackenridge Park and San Pedro Creek, and her curious, totem-like towers stand guard over a bustling bus stop in Five Points. Boasting an undeniable wow factor, Kersey's latest mark on the city is The Riparian Edge North — a pair of massive ceramic murals that grace the facade of the new Oxbow building at the Pearl. Ringing in at 150 and 500 square feet, the pieces celebrate flora and fauna native to the San Antonio River Basin, including hawks, herons, bats, turtles and water lilies.

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