Book Signing with Bea Ramirez and David Jerome

When: Sat., March 7, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. 2015

Cocoa (the authors' real chocolate Labrador Retriever), the main character in the book, arrives in her spaceship in the backyard of a special family. Cocoa not only learns what living in San Antonio is like but teaches kids about where she is from in outer space. Find out what Cocoa’s mission truly is. Receive a free learning guide with every book purchase to extend the academic learning for readers. Bea Michelle Ramirez is an educator, professional development specialist and writer who has been writing imaginative stories as early as she can remember. She contributes her love of writing to her mother who nurtured her love of reading, writing and poetry. She believes that students can all be inspired to write their own stories. Bea has a M.S. degree in Education from Walden University & B.A English from Texas A & M International University. ​David Jerome is an engineer, educator and co-author of the book Cocoa's Mission. His passion for astronomy and science inspired his imagination and served as the basis of the plot of the story. He is an astronomy and science enthusiast. He believes that igniting students’ interest in science in the early years will help to develop the love of science and develop the innovators of tomorrow. He holds a B.S. Engineering and a minor in Business Management from Wayland Baptist University.