Live Music

Bright Like The Sun, Antique Sunlight

When: Sat., Aug. 29, 6:30 p.m. 2015

Typically, when you think of the post-rock genre — as ill-defined as it may be — you think of ominously ruminative, instrumental soundscapes that demand great attention from the listener, only to leave them feeling rather flattened. San Antonio’s Bright Like the Sun, however, showcases an entirely different, and more uplifting, concept of post-rock on its self-titled sophomore album, out earlier this year on Sun Sea Sky Productions. First established as a side project of Flower Jesus and (now-defunct) Creatura, Antique Sunlight has come to psych-folk fruition on Tongue of the Earth. But if you’re not concerned with the insider baseball of San Antonio music, know this — Antique Sunlight sounds like the brush-drummed, honky-tonk house band of whatever hip-ass parlor Lou Reed attended when he visited the Southwest.