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Caught in the act


 The recent release of "Little Fox," Augie Meyers's Tex-Mex collaboration with the Krayolas, sent us back to Augie's original recording to do a little compare and contrast.
  The new version of "Little Fox" has a syncopated swing, and Augie's archetypal eighth-note organ stabs, but its overall sound falls very much into the Krayolas' power-pop realm. By comparison, Augie's original recording (featured in Kevin Kosub's 1982 local compilation, Rare Tracks Vol. 1) had a much more pronounced border flavor, with a fast conjunto beat and some wild mariachi horns. Kosub recalls that Meyers brought the track to him, and it was part of a vinyl collection that also included contributions from Neal Walden, Sheilah Guy, Frank Rodarte, and Kosub.
  Listen here for an mp3 of this little-heard recording, which reminds me of the Sir Douglas Quintet's "Michoacan."