Live Music

Chicano Batman

When: Fri., Oct. 14, 8 p.m. 2016

At its core, Los Angeles four-piece Chicano Batman is a jam band. The group’s music, charged with that singularly twee, jam-band energy and replete with solos/extrapolations aplenty (especially live), is special, however, because it strays quite far from the typical genre haunts of other favorite jam bands. With a sound that’s as diverse as it is hard to pin down from one song to the next, Chicano Batman pulls from soul music, tropicalia, reggae, cumbia, pop, and psych-rock to create a whole new aesthetic that’s as much SoCal as it is pan-Latin. In the live setting, like any jam band, the outfit’s compositions become even less predictable, even more intense and sprawling. If you’ve ever wondered what it might have sounded like if Curtis Mayfield tripped some sacred mushrooms and rocked a show in Central America, backed by a hybrid band of soul/funk devotees and Latin jazz orchestra veterans, here’s your chance to (almost) find out.

Price: $12