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The ultra-girly T-shirt: demure puffed sleeves, tissue-thin vanilla-colored cotton, and kicky red vintage embroidery featuring two adorable urchins stitched over your heart. Underneath, three little words: “I hate children.”

Swiss-French designer Nicole Locher playfully refers to her designs as “perversion with a touch of class,” but it’s really the other way around. The subtle candy colors, polished Belle Epoque silhouettes, and old-world embroidery inspired by Parisian flea markets draw you to her beautiful pieces, but the naughty little sayings covertly sewn into fields of flowers and hearts tip these tops into the world of modern streetwear. Examples such as “I don’t play nice” and “Insatiable little thing” are some of the less R-rated, but the collection overall supports Locher’s assertion that a woman’s best asset is her sense of humor. Love the racy idea but too shy to wear your deviance on your sleeve? Locher also offers a small series of charming pendant necklaces in the same super-sweet style, many with the naughty endearments translated into French slang for an extra layer of obscurity.

Everything is available online through Prices are in U.S. dollars and fall in the $60-80 range.