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What is that fan-shaped leaf we’re seeing everywhere these days, from clothing to furniture to jewelry? According to Wikipedia, the ginkgo plant is a living fossil, dating back more than 270 million years. An important symbol in Buddhism and Confucianism, the ginkgo is primarily grown in China, Korea, and Japan, but has also been adapted to many international urban environments. The medical world is still out on whether ginkgo enhances your memory, but it definitely enhances your design sense.

Ginkgo’s influence is far-reaching. A favorite motif of the arts and crafts movement, you can find ginkgo leaves represented in textiles, stained glass, rugs, and inlaid wood. Check out a modern take at hip and tickle ( with their sweet cotton and ultrasuede ginkgo-print pillow. I love Bellacor’s stainless-steel flatware with ginkgo handles (a steal at $39 for a five-piece place setting). Wash it into your hair with Aubrey Organics Ginkgo Leaf & Ginseng Root Hair Moisturizing Jelly. Go for delicate copper-patina earrings at But my ultimate ginkgo pick? Etsy crafters wenifnotnow have created a beautiful eco-friendly ginkgo-print scoop-neck T-shirt. The design is hand-printed on 100-percent organic cotton. Buy it at Modish: for $28.