Color Concentrate: Chroma and Critical Consciousness

When: Sat., March 2, 6-8 p.m. 2019

During Contemporary Art Month (CAM) each March, the local art lover has the happily stressful task of trying to keep up with and attend more art shows, talks, parties and other events than is even really possible. It’s a blitz and it’s delightful, but I digress. Among the exciting, early-opening shows of this year’s CAM is this collaboration between Cruz Ortiz’s Snake Hawk Press and the roving wonder that is the Spare Parts Mini Art Museum. For this conceptually original exhibit, curator Josh T. Franco, an art scholar who wrote his PhD dissertation on minimalism and rasquachismo in Marfa, invited four artists to create two very specific pieces each: one piece focused on prioritizing the use of color in physical terms and the other piece focused on exploring the social implications/connotations of color. The resulting body of work, which will allow viewers to decide for themselves which works are which, will provide plenty to think about in terms of all manner of issues related to the language of color in our society, including but not limited to gender, sexuality, race and class. Participating artists are Carlos Rosales-Silva, Joshua Saunders, Kaeyln D. Rodriguez and Mark Anthony Martinez.

Price: Free