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Comedian Tommy Blaze: Blazin' for God



There are many great reasons to see Tommy Blaze perform this week. He’s been in the business long enough to have the best stories (my favorite is his firsthand account of how Eddie Murphy’s taping of RAW really went). He powerfully approaches the stage much like a military drill inspector (with a deep booming voice that makes the mic irrelevant). You may already be familiar with Blaze through the VHS copy of the 1995 horror/comedy Rumpelstiltskin now aging in your closet.

Blaze’s specialty is relationships. His act delves deeper than the clichés lesser comics rely upon. When he starts up, you immediately grasp that he’s learned from a lifetime of experiences, which is refreshing in a medium that seems excessively youth-driven. And religion plays a major part in his act, though you may be surprised to hear it. Drawing heavily from the Bible, Blaze creates his own brand of comedy — yet never comes across as sanctimonious.

Tommy Blaze’s five-night run at Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club is Wednesday through Sunday April 20 -24. Visit or call (210) 541-8805 for tickets and show information.