Live Music

Crazy Spirit

When: Fri., Jan. 15, 8 p.m. 2016

‘Crazy’ bands always seem disappointing. Almost without fail they’re unabashedly terrible (Crazy Frog, Crazy Town) or, even when they're good (Crazy Horse), far from anything their name should suggest. But what if a ‘crazy’ band actually were, like, crazy? New York hardcore outfit Crazy Spirit certainly seems to fit the bill. For the past six years, they’ve been unrelentingly cranking out the same barely audible scuzz-punk, furiously touring the country and generally terrifying audiences with their frenzied presence. They’ve also started drawing results from their relentless approach to hardcore, gathering a rapid following around their mosh-ready sound, especially their singer’s reptilian snarl, which sounds something like the Germs’ Darby Crash with a throat infection. Sharing the Paper Tiger bill with Crazy Spirit are Austin punk stalwarts Total Abuse, whose sound leans a little cleaner but no less pummeling. They’ve ridden a 2013 reunion to an excellent new EP Looking For Love and an impressive number of shows, including an SA set last year. Opening are Houston post-punks Filthy, who’ll bring a melodic (if you consider Joy Division melodic) edge to the bill, and up-and-coming San Antonio outfit Hötzi.

Price: $5