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Elation, thy name is winter — season of gorgeously crappy weather and we-saved-the-best-for-last films. I recently screened Juno and Margot at the Wedding within 24 hours of one another, and by golly, am I ever happy. Sure, I’ve still got Juno’s mite-overused Moldy Peaches song stuck in my head, but I think I like it there. Far more, at least, than I’ve liked sitting through blah, Oscar-baiting, literary adaptations to get to this: the good part.

Not too much longer and we’ll have Paul Thomas Anderson’s rumored masterpiece There Will Be Blood, and then Michel Gondry’s crafty and sweethearted-looking Be Kind Rewind. And even if you hate his contemporary work, isn’t it a comfort to know that we can expect another offering from Woody Allen — Cassandra’s Dream — early next month?

Flip through the Screens pages for our trusty critics’ thoughts on the movies mentioned in this column’s first paragraph — yes, that includes a review of less-than-par novel-culled film — and whatever your holiday plans, reader, may I suggest you take in a great movie with a person (or persons) you care about. Hey, don’t look at me that way — I know it sounds sappy! (But more cloying than Oscar-baition?) XO.