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Critical Darling



The order in which the Academy Awards were presented made me want to hit my face repeatedly with a rubber ball, I ? Huckabees-style.

We lingered breathlessly, what, like an hour after the Best Actress statuette had been awarded to Marion Cotillard, for that climactic bam-bam-bam of Best Actor, Director, and Picture — really hammering home what the truly important categories are. Thanks, we got the message: Oscar likes cock. (Since when is that news?)

While I’ve got my sexism sirens on, I’d say it’s high time to pull over another offender: TV’s How to Look Good Naked. Or, How to Make Women Feel Better About Their Bodies by Spotlighting a Parade of Women Who Hate Themselves so That Everyone Assumes All Women Have Self-esteem Issues Rooted in Body Image!

Critical Darling is generally more worried about errors of fact than whether she’ll ever have the figure for a pencil skirt … but what she means to get at is this: There’s no male counterpart. No How to Look Good Naked Por Homme. Does no one want to watch a show about a bunch of miserable men struggling to cope with the fact that they might never embody the ideal type?

Hm? You’d rather borrow that rubber ball I mentioned earlier? XO.