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Critical Darling would like to wish her very favorite weblog,, a hearty congratulations for taking home two Bloggie awards from South By: Best Group Weblog and Best New Weblog. Seriously, what would I do without your Cover Lies — wherein lady-mag headlines are translated (“10 Minute Hair & Makeup” = “Dry Shampoo is Expensive Baby Powder”) — or your vintage tampon ads and minimal Britney coverage to get me through the day? I love you and your genius commenters.

On an entirely separate note, Critical Darling would like to remind Say-town’s indie filmmakers that the San Antonio Underground Film Festival is rolling around again (Yep, it’s 14 — time for gawkiness and braces!). You’ve got until April 18 (May 9 if you push it) to send in your short and feature-length masterpieces. To the winner goes a low-rider bike, or 200 big ones. See for the whole shebang. XO.