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Oh, happy day: Lori Drew’s been indicted. If the name escapes you, perhaps this pithy description will jog your memory: Drew is a Missouri mother who enjoys foie gras, pouring salt on snails, posing as a teenage boy named Josh Evans on MySpace, and tormenting her daughter’s clinically depressed ex-friend via Josh/MySpace until said ex-friend, Megan Meier, 13, hanged herself in a closet.

Just when it seemed as though this disgrace to womankind would see no justice, a federal grand jury charged her with conspiracy and accessing protected computers without authorization — a total of four counts, each of which is punishable with up to five years hard time.

Turns out Drew and her co-conspirators — including a 19-year-old employee — should have read the MySpace terms of service they agreed to a mite more closely. They consented to not use the site as a means to promote false information, to seek personal info from a minor, or to “harass, abuse, or harm” other folks.

On to non-litigious matters: Get your ass in front of the television on May 22 at 8pm and let the talent of our young, local filmmaking geniuses wash over you during KLRN’s broadcast of its Fresh Cut entries. Missed it? See XO.