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I’d say it’s a fine week for vagaries, wouldn’t you? A life of certainties is no life at all. With that outlook in mind, Critical Darling invites you to submit your short mockumentary or verite-style films to her by the end of July. If I told you why, I’d have to kill you.

No, seriously.

(About the film thing, not the murder.)

There is, dear readers, a festival in the works for this most accessible kind of movie-making. I’m not at liberty to say much, but this I can relate: Whip something up, finish off an existing flick, and post to (or drop by):

The San Antonio Current
(c/o: Screens Editor)
1500 N St Mary’s St
San Antonio, TX 78215

Best of luck in your enigmatic quest.

Didn’t make it to the SA Film Fest last weekend? (Or did, and want to re-live it all?) Be sure to swing by the Curblog at for comprehensive coverage and photos.

Now go, live dangerously! XO.