Live Music

Deep Listening: Jessica DeCuir and Dykes and Young

When: Tue., Feb. 5, 7:30 p.m. 2019

Despite its reputation as a quirky source of 1950s sci-fi sound-effects (and the Doctor Who theme song), the theremin has much more to offer than the stereotypical glissandos that spring to mind. Most recognizable as one half of San Anto electronic duo Hyperbubble, Jessica DeCuir operates her Moog Etherwave Theremin Pro and Boss loop station with exacting hand movements to create ethereal, looping soundscapes. She returns to Highwire for a half-hour solo set that may open a wormhole to a far-off nebula, if you’re lucky. To pull the audience down to terra firma, double bass and violin duo Dykes and Young will perform their hallmark location-influenced improvisation. Beginning as smaller, improvised structures, the music progresses into fixed compositions that take cues from the physical surroundings, such as sustained drones against the whistling rush of air through a tunnel, or rippling ostinatos in complement with the rustling leaves and trilling of birds outdoors.

Price: $10