Talks Plus

Deepak Chopra

When: Thu., Sept. 14, 7:30 p.m. 2017

If you ask some folks, new-age font of wisdom and self-actualization coach Deepak Chopra is just the non-denominational version of someone like Joel Osteen, sleazily getting rich off people that are desperate for hope and clarity in a universe inherently devoid of either. But, that assessment is not entirely fair to Chopra, who is an esteemed (and often profound) author, an actual doctor (endocrinology) and a staunch advocate for important things like work-life balance, environmentalism, holistic medicine and meditation. Chopra is also a provocative (if not entirely academic) thinker in the realm of philosophy of science and consciousness, often helping people synthesize complex information from different disciplines into one workable, fulfilling worldview.

Price: $34.50-$135