Live Music

denitia and sene.

When: Fri., Feb. 6, 10 p.m. 2015

Contemporary R&B artists, from the new imports of PBR&B to more traditional Hennessy drinkers, can trace their art back to the genre’s Adam: the bearded, beanie-clad Marvin Gaye on the cover of 1973’s Let’s Get It On. For his 12th album, the D.C. fox created a universe out of the bedroom, creating rich sheets of strings and funky rhythmic beds on which listeners could bump to. Without mincing words, it’s the original fuck album, a micro-genre that would later include Rick James’ Street Songs, Rhye’s Woman, most Portishead and denitia and sene.’s his and hers. On the duo’s 2013 debut, the cap-less and punctuation-fond pair produces love-making music that calls back to the dripping sexuality of Marvin Gaye while looking into the genre’s future. On “how to satisfy.,” Denitia Odigie sings a tale of third-person seduction as Sene orchestrates a crackling boom-bap pulse and neo-soul guitar licks. It’s spacious, uncluttered R&B — bedroom music for typographers and Tumblrs.

Price: $3