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Dr. Berggren in Haiti: Safe, heartbroken, and hopeful


Dr. Ruth Berggren, head of the Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, has been back in Haiti since Monday providing medical care in rural areas. After an inquiry from the QueBlog, Berggren sent us the following email:

"We are fine but heartbroken about all the amputations that are being performed on children. The aftershock of `Wednesday` was not felt in terms of shaking earth, but shook a lot of souls as our patients learned of the event. They began to pray very fervently and earnestly for their people and for their country. This afternoon we received yet more patients, including a three-year-old all alone who had a head injury. We quickly realized he needed neurosurgery and by some miracle a helicopter not only showed up, but allowed us to put him on the chopper with one of our pediatricians. We see miracles like this every day which gives us hope in the midst of so much tragedy. Thanks for your concerns and your prayers."

And thank you, reader, for helping Haiti.