"Dreams Are for Those Who Sleep"

When: Sat., March 11, 7-10 p.m. 2017

For San Antonio artist Jose Fidel Sotelo, art is an important means of self-exploration and a tool for cultural excavation, for pursuing balance and peace, and for appreciating the beauty in the everyday. Heavily influenced by his studies in design and photography, Sotelo started painting in 2009 with an eye for sharp, crisp images/lines and a penchant for burying complexity within simplicity. His latest exhibit, entitled “Dreams Are for Those Who Sleep,” departs a bit from his recent work that has alternated between vivid color and stark black-and-white precision. This exhibit, which explores “the meditative quality of repetitive symbolic imagery,” consists of large-scale graphite drawings that delve deep into Sotelo’s dreamscapes as well as images from Aztec mythology.

Price: Free