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Errata: QueQue's crimes and misdemeanors


The QueQue made more than one mistake this week, and we take it hard. We pride ourselves on maintaining a low error rate, especially because the Current has a total editorial staff of eight, none of whom is a full-time copy editor. We team edit, and the buck stops with me, who sometimes at the end of the deadline day misses things. Even big things that I know damn well to be the case, like the fact that the City's outdoor pools are open Tuesday-Sunday, not Tuesday-Friday. Another item we got wrong: Richard Alles is a former member of the Planning Commission's Technical Advisory Committee, not a current member. We'll note these and any other corrections in next week's print column, and fix them online.

It's important to us that you can rely on your QueBlog and QueQue as a source of pointed, sometimes snarky, but always factual commentary you can't find elsewhere, and the Current news team and I promise to work hard to keep it that way.