Every Haunted House and Ghost Tour Within Driving Distance of San Antonio 

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Being in the midst of Halloween season, that means you have to spend a night or two (or many) getting spooked at some haunted houses and ghost tours. If you're a certifiable badass that doesn't get scared or says "that was lame" when you leave a haunted house, maybe this list isn't for you.

But let's be clear: when we say "every," we mean every one that's worth a visit.

But if you just wanna do spooky shit with your friends, here's the lowdown. Whether you're looking for a quick fix here in San Antonio or need a reason to take a mini road trip to Austin, Houston or even the coast, we've gathered the most popular haunted house and ghost tour options to get you in the Halloween ~spirit~.
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Victoria's Black Swan Inn
1006 Holbrook Rd, (210) 323-8424, victoriasblackswaninn.com
Though used as an event space, Victoria’s Black Swan Inn is actually considered to be in the top 10 haunted places in the country. This inn gives you a few options to explore: a paranormal investigation, ghost tour or a “slumber not party.” We won’t spoil it for you, but trust us when we say this is a haunted spot not to be missed.
Photo via Instagram / xbrujiita
Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours
204 Alamo Plaza Suite #T, (210) 638-1338, sistersgrimmghosttour.com
Getting spooky has never had so many options. Sisters Grimm lets you explore all things ghosts in a variety of ways: part of the haunted history walk, a dinner tour, or the ghost bus tour. However you decide to explore the haunted sites in SA, know that Sisters Grimm really know their stuff. They even have a gift shop!
Photo via Instagram / sistersgrimmtx
Phobia Haunted Houses
5250 S Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston, (713) 526-3323, darke.com
With two decades of experience spooking, Phobia knows how to get you screaming and jumping out of your shoes. Technically eight attractions in one, you can choose whether to hit them all up or just choose with one you want. So take your pick (or have them all) from Dawn of the Machine, Mind Control, Genetic Nightmare, Clown Mania, Dark Institute and more. You can bet that this one is worth the trip. Open weekends through November 3.
Photo via Instagram / leolovingfx
Paranormal Activity Ghost Tour
138 Waxwood Ln, (210) 999-1478, bestsanantonioghosttours.com
Did you know that San Antonio is hella haunted? Well if you don’t, and if you love spooky shit, be sure to grab tickets to one of these tours. “Based on fact instead of fiction,” Paranormal Activity Ghost Tour is all about ghost hunting and has been references on national shows.
Photo via Facebook / ACP ghost hunt
House of Torment
2632 Ridgepoint Dr, Austin, (512) 407-9449, houseoftorment.com
From the folks who also own San Antonio’s own 13th Floor, you can head up to Austin and experience House of Torment. The capital’s premiere haunted house is offering up mini escape games this year, while the creepy attraction has themes like Blackthorne Penitentiary, Darkest Dreams, and Trick or Treat. Just remember to calm your nerves and go bar-hopping down 6th. Open now through Saturday, November 10.
Photo via Instagram / houseoftorment
Houston Terror Dome Haunted House
16030 East Fwy, Channelview, (281) 864-9686, houstonterrordome.com
“Whatever you fear, you’ll find it in here.” Yeah, that sounds like a promise to have all the spooks here. On top of live scary actors, there’s also zombie dancers. Sounds creepily sexy, lol. Oh, and if you need some fun after the frights, be sure to get the combo package with the paintball gallery. Open now through November 3.
Photo via Instagram / houstonterrordome
The Kingwood Asylum
1965 Northpark Dr, Kingwood, (832) 640-8367, kingwoodasylum.com
With this attraction being in the woods, you take the chance of encountering live creepiness like rats, snakes or cockroaches. But more scary will be the patients at this asylum that are just itching for you to take your medicine! Open now through November 3.
Photo via Instagram / thekingwoodasylum
Creepy Hollow Haunted House
12872 Valley Vista Dr, Rosharon, (800) 357-3323, creepyhollowhauntedhouse.com
Not too far from Houston, Creepy Hollow has select dates throughout the year to remind you of what’s to come during spooky season. During October, you can stay out late (open until midnight on weekends) and get spooked into the night. There’s also a wicked escape room for you to explore, so plan now and have fun.
Photo via Instagram / https://www.instagram.com/projectvic/
13th Floor Haunted House
1203 E Commerce St, (210) 910-6450, 13thfloorsanantonio.com
Voted the best haunted house (with the chain having locations in other U.S. cities) last year, 13th Floor is an essential if you want some frights without leaving town. This year’s themes include “The Cellar” and “Dead-end District,” so use your imagination to figure out just how you’ll get spooked here. Open now through Saturday, November 3.
Photo via Instagram / 13thfloorsa
Bad Wolf Ghost Tours
Around San Antonio, (805) 757-0512, badwolfghosttours.com
Skip the usual tours and go to one that really appeals to you – a haunted pub crawl! If you don’t feel like getting boozy, don’t fret. Other options include the Secret Society ghost tour and the San Antonio ghost walk.
Photo via Instagram / michie.21
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Austin Ghost Tour
Around Austin, (512) 853-9826, austinghosttours.com
Head up to Austin for the weekend and hit up one of these walking tours – there’s one every night! With themes that pay tribute to history, you’re bound to find out some cool stuff you didn’t know. And if your pet is down for some frights, Austin Ghost Tours is totally cool with them joining the party.
Photo via Instagram / texbex4ever
Howl-O-Scream San Antonio
10500 Sea World Dr, (210) 520-4732, seaworld.com
SeaWorld is bringing all the frights with Howl-O-Scream. You’ll get to choose from Dark Side of the Gardens, Karver’s Kradle, Unearthed: Scarlett’s Revenge, and the new Zombie Horde. Beware of scare zones throughout the park, too.
Photo via Instagram / hausof_michael
Dash Beardsley Ghost Tours of Galveston
Strand Street, Galveston, (832) 892-7419, ghosttoursofgalvestonisland.com
Dash Beardsley, Galveston’s Ghost Man, takes you through the scariest sites in town. Scary as in paranormal scary, so you know this tour is worth the trip out to the coast. Choose from four different tours – original ghost tour on the Strand, restless spirits, secret society cemetery or Jack the Ripper mystery island.
Photo via Instagram / samantharae
15204 E Loop 1604 S, (210) 262-2324, terrorland.net
Open for three nights only, Terrorland is the scariest attraction in south San Antonio. This outdoor spot may not be the scariest, but it’s much different than the usual haunted houses here. Also part of the spookiness is Gravestone Estates: The Awakening, so be sure to take in all of the frights you can take.
Photo via Instagram / reynamuerta
Ripley’s Haunted Adventure
329 Alamo Plaza, (210) 226-2828, ripleys.com
Featuring live actors and special effects, this downtown spot brings the screams coming as you make your way through this creepily renovated mansion. Be sure to go with someone you can hide behind.
Photo via Instagram / ferniiie_g
Scream Hollow
149 Split Rail Ln, Smithville, (512) 710-8267, screamhollow.com
You’ll get four haunted houses in one – well really, set up in 18 buildings across 20 acres. Located to the northeast of San Antonio, Scream Hollow has attractions such as Mansion of Terror, Wicked Darkness (which is a maze!), Zombie City: The Factory, and The Slaughterhouse. Yup, this is definitely one set to spook you.
Photo via Instagram / cecemaxine
Fearshire Farms
1100 S Walker St, Angleton, (979) 848-3327, fearshirefarms.com
If you’re looking for real, you’ll find a real farm and corn fields alongside a really scary haunted house. Each room in the farmhouse holds something scary. New this year is the “Unhinged” attraction that promises to bring your darkest fears to life. Open now through November 3.
Photo via Instagram / clrush41
REDRUM Haunted House
1800 E Hwy 90 Alt, Richmond, (281) 762-0034, redrumhaunt.com
Though they take safety seriously, REDRUM is all about scaring you from start to finish. All three attractions – Twisted Circus Rewired, Cinecore and Deadwood Asylum – have gotten recent upgrades to make sure your outing is worthwhile. Open weekends now through November 3.
Photo via Instagram / killerklownposse
Alamo City Ghost Tours
115 Main Plaza, (210) 336-7831, alamocityghosttours.com
Prepare to play ghostbuster as you’ll get to test the area with an EMF detector. Beginning at the Alamo, you’ll make your way to a cemetery to get plenty of spooks with a whooping side of history.
Photo via Instagram / fishnets_and_skirts
Old Town Spring Ghost Walk
419 Gentry St, Spring, (281) 410-1300, oldtownspringghostwalk.com
Follow the lantern (and the tour guide holding it) and you’ll be able to explore the haunted sites in Spring, Texas. You’ll learn all about the town’s darker past and the spirits that never left.
Photo via Instagram / lsutexasgirl
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Victoria's Black Swan Inn
1006 Holbrook Rd, (210) 323-8424, victoriasblackswaninn.com
Though used as an event space, Victoria’s Black Swan Inn is actually considered to be in the top 10 haunted places in the country. This inn gives you a few options to explore: a paranormal investigation, ghost tour or a “slumber not party.” We won’t spoil it for you, but trust us when we say this is a haunted spot not to be missed.
Photo via Instagram / xbrujiita

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