When: Sat., May 20, 8 p.m. 2017

Dancer, choreographer and Brooklyn native Ronald K. Brown founded Evidence, A Dance Company in the mid-’80s. A longtime advocate for the African American community, Brown formed the company to convey the experience of the African diaspora — internationally spread, but with a primal ancestry of undeniable strength tying the community together. Evidence is living, moving proof of that strength — a bond that transcends the limits of language. In his choreography, Brown blends traditional African dances and rhythmic drum beats with modern elements — utilizing song and poetry, and dynamic movement to tell the story of African culture, and its focus on the importance of family, spirituality and unity. Dancers take the stage in light, airy costumes, allowing focus on the movements which vary from slow and sensual to quick-footed routines. In many pieces, each dancer has his/her own movements, different from the others on stage, portraying a spiritual possession of the body, and allowing a spectacle of motion that catches the eye and demands its attention. The cultural connotation of the project is transparent in each performer’s rigid seriousness, seemingly unknowing of an audience — kinetic stories of a liberation centuries in the making. Each of Brown’s international performances is Evidence of human struggle and tragedy, and also the celebration of life and triumph.

Price: $35