Special Events

Extreme Midget Wrestling

When: Thu., June 8, 8 p.m. 2017

Billing itself as the “baddest lil show on earth,” Fort Worth-based promotion Extreme Midget Wrestling (or, as we’re significantly more comfortable calling it, EMW) obviously isn’t looking to score any points for political correctness, but “professional” wrestling at its best has always been about taking the worst aspects of human nature (bloodlust, xenophobia, spandex, etc.) and repackaging them into a semi-safe, somewhat controlled sports-entertainment experience. The question with all sports (and most entertainment) isn’t whether someone’s being exploited but how much control they have over how they’re being exploited. EMW’s wrestler roster — which includes afro’d kung-fu aficionado Bruce Lee Roy, crown-sporting Baby Jesus, self-described wrestler/stripper Rampage, and the self-explanatory Nasty Boy, Eddie Vato and Redneck Brawler — is more diverse and interesting than most of what you’ll see on Monday Night Raw nowadays, and they seem to be having way more fun than Mickey Rourke in that movie where he sticks his hand in a meat slicer.

Price: $15-$28