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1. A Night in Old San Antonio (N.I.O.S.A)

Did any of the other events really stand a chance? As the big daddy event of Fiesta, the San Antonio Conservation Society's N.I.O.S.A. delivers with four nights of festival frivolity. Each year, more than 80,000 revelers squeeze into La Villita, casting aside caution and calorie concerns to enjoy the event's 15 themed areas representing the diverse heritage of South Central Texas. You simply can't call yourself a San Antonian until you've donned a wonderfully tacky Fiesta hat and braved the crowds on college night. Every local must wander the historic venue at least once with a stack of empty beer cups in hand while hunting down the turkey legs and sausages-on-a-stick to feed the Fiesta-loving beast within. But steer clear of Clown Alley. It's terrifying.

2. King William Fair

3. Fiesta Oyster Bake

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