Frame by Frame

When: Mon., March 6, 7:30 p.m. 2017

A photography revolution was born in Afghanistan in 2001 when the Taliban regime fell from power and a free press emerged. No longer would someone in the Middle Eastern country be punished for simply taking a photo. In the award-winning 2015 documentary Frame By Frame, first-time feature filmmakers Alexandria Bombach and Mo Scarpelli follow four Afghan photojournalists as they redefine the media landscape in an area of the world that hasn’t seen life through the eye of a camera lens in a very long time. In 2015, The Hollywood Reporter called the film “a work of profound immediacy, in sync with the photographers’ commitment and hope.” The screening is hosted by San Antonio-based photography company Kat Venice Photography through Gathr Films, an “on demand” platform that allows individuals and organizations to arrange their own films screenings in movie theaters across the U.S. “I was constantly complaining to my husband about some people’s misconceptions of Muslims and immigrants, and he kept challenging me to do something about it,” company owner Kat Narvaez told the Current. “I think this documentary will help educate people on Afghanistan’s struggles and how, in the end, they’re just like us.”

Price: $12