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"Front Page News" — Moai



Universal City’s Moai begin this would-be call to arms with Kelsey McDaniel’s coffee-shop acoustic riff and drummer Dave Orschell’s military cadence. Adopting the somber-yet-uptempo drum-corps rhythm in an antiwar song is appropriate, if pretty on-the-nose, but we need better marching orders in 2009 than McDaniel’s sleepyheaded refrain “Front page news, how many dead?” and shrugging observation “We’re never gonna win the war this way.” The Republicans have semi-automatic assault rifles and pictures of Obama sporting a Hitler ’stache, and we’ve got airplane sound effects and a technically proficient but incredibly easygoing guitar solo. “Front Page News” is less a motivation to take to the streets than an encouragement to pack another bowl and really discuss this bullshit war and stuff, man.

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