Fun Things to Do in San Antonio This Week (2/7/18-2/13/18) 

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Don't have any plans for the weekend? We've got you covered. From art installations and concerts to special Valentine's Day-themed events, here's how to keep up with the Current this week.
OF 16
Courtesy of Silverstein
Thu 2/8

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Silverstein have been a well-known name in the punk and hardcore world since the early 2000s; and not just because of their solid songwriting and musicianship, but because of their sheer longevity in the genre. For a group that survived the god-awful label of “screamo” (seriously, what was that?), Silverstein managed to stay ahead of the pack, producing heavy, emotional tracks without sounding like they were ripping off every other band in the genre. Also on the bill is Richmond pop punkers Broadside, whose songs might have some of the catchiest melodies in the scene. $18.50-$22, 7pm, Alamo City Music Hall, 1305 E. Houston St., – Chris Conde
City of San Antonio
Thu 2/8

While it’s often applauded for its strong art and art history department, and the steady stream of talented artists that emerge from its programs, the University of Texas at San Antonio also boasts a truly wide-ranging collection of contemporary art that comprises paintings, photographs, sculptures, mixed-media and works on paper. Reflective of both the avid collecting habits of former UTSA President Ricardo Romo and the deep insights of curator Arturo Infante Almeida, the collection is typically displayed in interior and exterior spaces across three campuses but comes to light this month in “Voz,” a sprawling group show on view at Centro de Artes through June 10. Celebrating the collection’s strong focus on Latin@ art to the tune of 222 works by 66 artists, the exhibition comes across as a meticulously organized museum show uniting dozens of familiar names (Ana Fernandez, Alberto Mijangos, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Richard Armendariz, Anita Valencia and Kathy Vargas among them) with many others well worth discovering. Hovering in Texas but extending far beyond its borders, “Voz” employs both floors of Centro de Artes for an immediately engaging crash course in Latin@ art distinguished by three areas that double as shows within a show: a recreation of UTSA’s “Veinticinco” (a long-running project comprising prints by 25 artists); Cheech Marin’s “The Chicano Collection” (a portfolio of prints by Vincent Valdez, Mel Casas, Alex Rubio, Jesse Treviño and many more); and a thoughtful pairing of images by iconic Mexican photographer Graciela Iturbide and her mentor, Manuel Álvarez Bravo. Free, 6-9pm, Centro de Artes, 101 S. Santa Rosa St., (210) 206-2787, — Bryan Rindfuss
San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo
Thu 2/8 - Tue 2/13
San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Celebrating the spirit of Western culture, this year’s San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo features native Texas wildlife expos, “Swifty Swine” pig races, stunt and acrobat performers “X-Pogo” and “Chicago Boyz,” Pompeyo’s circus-themed dog show, and “Cowboy Boot Camp” activities for kids. The 67th annual event also includes a Western Heritage Parade and multiple livestock competitions showcasing talented Texan youth. Occurring daily through February 25, the San Antonio favorite also encompasses petting zoos, pony rides, 250 rodeo-themed shops, and carnival attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Boasting a stacked roster, this year’s rodeo concert series kicks off with Gary Allan (Thursday) and continues with Brett Eldridge (Friday), Josh Abbott Band (Saturday) and many more (see Music Picks). $5-$200, 8am-10pm Mon- Sun (times subject to change), San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, One AT&T Center Pkwy., (210) 444-5000, — Lori Salazar
UMG Nashville
Thu 2/8 - Tue 2/13
SA Rodeo Concerts

Willie Nelson & Family took the reins at last year’s rodeo, closing out the Thursday night’s evening alongside Huey Lewis and the News, Little Big Town, Sam Hunt, and Fifth Harmony to name a few acts playing throughout the event. This year, the event kicks off Thursday with modern day outlaw country singer Gary Allan, who actually was offered a record deal from A&M Records at only 15-years-old when he would play in honky-tonk clubs in California with his father. On Sunday, Midland, a trio that formed out in Dripping Springs, plays their neo-traditional style of country music blending early country textures with modern production quality and pop song structures. $27-$200, Thu 7pm, Sun 1pm, One AT&T Center Pkwy., (210) 444-5000, – CC
Sexology Institute
Fri 2/9
Naked Girls Reading: XOXOX Valentine’s Edition

As the story goes, the concept for the naughty literary series Naked Girls Reading came about when Chicago-based Frankie Vivid returned home to find his wife, burlesque performer Michelle L’Amour, reading a book in the buff. Delivering precisely what its title suggests — “a small cast of beautiful ladies removes their clothing (yes, all of it) and reads personal selections to an adoring audience” — the playful series has spread to more than 20 cities (from Warsaw to Washington D.C.), with the Chicago flagship often stripping down for readings themed around topics ranging from banned books to bad romance. Active since the summer of 2017, the San Antonio chapter (the cast of which features members of the Pastie Pops, Stars and Garters Burlesque and other familiar performers) upholds the groups mantra (“You can’t spell literature without T and A”) this month with a Valentine’s-themed reading of “favorite pieces about love and lust.” $15 per person, $25 per couple, 8:30pm (doors at 8pm), Sexology Institute, 707 S. St. Mary’s St., (210) 487-0371, — BR
Courtesy of The Holy Knives
Sat 2/10
The Holy Knives Tour Kickoff Party

OK, so when these guys showed up on the scene a few years ago, I thought to myself, “Greaaaaat, another indie rock band that sounds like everyone else.” And while I was probably just sipping way too much Haterade that day (I was, and I’m sorry), this five-piece have grown into an outfit that showcases their stellar creativity throughout their entire catalog, which in turn has made them a local favorite. Formerly known as Levees, The Holy Knives kind of are your archetypal indie rock band, but we don’t throw bands in this section of “shows to check out” if we didn’t think they’re worth your time. While, sure, The Holy Knives could easily show up on a mix next to bands like [insert your favorite indie rock band you discovered last week on Spotify] they’re just different enough to set themselves apart from the heard of new bands flooding your music channels. Their songs are a touch psychedelic, slightly melancholy and contain enough pop melodies to get you singing along (their new single “Every Day” is actually stuck in my head as I write this); it’s not over produced, definitely more rock leaning than pop, and when their debut EP Ritual Bloom comes out this spring, make sure to grab a copy. $5, 9pm, Limelight, 2718 N. St. Mary’s St., – CC
La Santa Luna
Sat 2/10
The Art of Fetish & Fashion

Building on the success of a particularly well-attended inaugural outing last Valentine’s weekend, the Art of Fetish & Fashion returns to Brick to tease the season with a “night of pleasure and excitement” following a “Victorian Masquerade” theme (costumes encouraged). Organized by the dark and sultry fashion boutique La Santa Luna and brought to life by an edgy assortment of performers, brand ambassadors and models, the second annual event tempts guests with novelty vendors, sex toys, an erotic photo gallery (featuring work by Mary Rodriguez, Gina Sandoval-Garcia and Savannah Saunders), a “voyeur room” and a spanking booth. Hosted by Mighty Iris with music from DJ Boi of Doom and performances by “seductive songbird” Livi Von Ghoul and “human candle” Saterra Rene, the adults-only (18 and up) evening culminates with a provocative runway presentation showcasing fashions by Erica Reyna modeled by the likes of Vanessa Rodriguez, Gloria Bueno, Sean Nelson, Rebecca Lynn, Valerie Faith, Lita Deadly and Nate the Boy Wonder. $20 at, 7pm-midnight, Brick at Blue Star, 108 Blue Star, (210) 262-8653, — BR
WellRED Comedy
Sat 2/10
WellRED Comedy Tour

Potential social problems indicated by Jeff Foxworthy’s “You Might Be a Redneck If …” jokes: alcoholism, poverty, incest, poor hygiene, educational deficiency. Not depicted: racism, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia. As anti-white-supremacy group Redneck Revolt has been demonstrating recently, a whole spectrum of people with varying beliefs enjoy hunting, fishing and going to the bathroom outside. Tennessee-born comedian Trae Crowder, who self-identifies as “white trash” has gained internet fame and an ABC sitcom deal from his “Liberal Redneck” videos in which he defends trans rights, Black Lives Matter and other progressive movements and views in the language of Blue Collar Comedy. Touring with Drew Morgan and Corey Forester — his co-writers for the 2016 book The Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Draggin’ Dixie Outta the Dark (and costars in at least two novels of erotic fiction written by fans) — Crowder and co. find plenty to love about the South without ever shying away from calling out backwards bullshit. As Crowder explains in a promotional video for the tour: “It’s about being down with fried okra and civil liberties.” $32.50, 7pm, Aztec Theatre, 104 N. St Mary’s St., (210) 812-4355, — Jeremy Martin
Kristel Puente
Sat 2/10
Images of Power

Not since the 1960s has the country seen a more divisive political climate. Emboldened by the election of President Trump in 2016, a man many saw as a racist, a xenophobe and a misogynist, an extreme far-right movement suddenly made its way into the political mainstream. Among the ideas promulgated by the far-right was the belief that the United States was fundamentally a white, Christian country. From the “Heil Trump” salutes at a gathering of white nationalists shortly before Trump’s inauguration, to the murder of Heather Hyer at a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacy continues to rear its ugly head within American culture. On Saturday, Freight Gallery presents “Images of Power,” an exhibition of new work by 30 artists from across the country that deal with “current events, historical quandaries and the rising tide of fascism at our doorstep.” Guest curated by Alana Coates and Mark Anthony Martinez, the exhibition brings together a bold array of work and highlights several local artists, including Albert Alvarez, Juan de Dios Mora, Ashley Mireles, Raul Gonzalez, Andrei Renteria and Jose Villalobos. In a statement, Freight owner Sergio Martinez said, “‘Images of Power’ establishes a dialogue that might at times be painful or difficult, but it is timely, meaningful, and worth having.” Free, 7-11pm (on view through February 24), Freight Gallery and Studios, 1913 S. Flores St., (210) 331-4382, — Marco Aquino
Courtesy of Dirty Genez
Sat 2/10
Dirty Genez EP Release Party

Made up of guitarist Kiko Pants, drummer Marc Navarro, bass guitarist Marcus Martinez, keyboardist April Gomez, violinist Christina Quick and frontwoman Jordan Peña, Dirty Genez are far from newcomers to the San Antonio music community. The jazzy indie group have been sharing stages with artists and bands like Lonely Horse and Alyson Alonzo since 2010. Peña told the Current that while the band is excited to release their first album ever, they’re ready to move on and continue writing more music. “This album is closure to a lot of pain” said Peña, “the closing of a chapter in our lives.” On “Breathe,” an unreleased track on the album, the sound is definitely melancholy, but also dreamy, like, that moment between a dream and a nightmare, and if the entire album shares similar qualities to the track, we’re pretty stoked about it. Free, 9pm, Bang Bang Bar, 119 El Mio Drive, (210) 320-1187. – CC
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Nancy Rankin Escovedo
Sat 2/10
Alejandro Escovedo

San Antonio-born and Austin-based, Alejandro Escovedo has quietly amassed a trove of off kilter roots-rock/outsider-Americana music. Through the course of his long run, Escovedo, now nearing 70, has helped shape the contemporary Americana milieu (especially in Texas) to a greater extent than his relatively low profile would give away. Always one to push boundaries, taking risks and refusing to sit still, even while revering tradition, I think of him as kind of a South Texas Dwight Yoakam (in spirit, not in sound), who splits the difference between serving his own distinct muse and following in the footsteps of his heroes. For this special show, Escovedo and band will be presenting his 2001 album A Man Under the Influence (arguably his best album) in full, with new arrangements by producer and musician Mitch Easter. $20-$90, 8pm, Sam’s Burger Joint, 330 E. Grayson St., (210) 223-2830, — James Courtney
Spare Parts
Sat 2/10
‘For the Love of It All’

Back in 2010, Mary Elizabeth Cantu launched the creative reuse organization Spare Parts in response to a lack of creativity in K-12 classrooms and statewide budget cuts for arts education, among other issues. Over the years, the entrepreneur, out-of-the-box thinker and certified Master Reuser has tirelessly collected traditional and non-traditional art supplies to distribute among Bexar County educators while keeping tons of “pre-loved” crafting materials out of landfills. In 2013, Cantu extended the scope of Spare Parts by teaming up with collaborator/educator Gabriela Santiago to launch the Spare Parts Mini Art Museum, a mobile art gallery that showcases tiny works of art (most measure 4-by-4 inches or smaller) in maquette-type displays that employ hardcover books or binders as “museum” walls. An eco-minded initiative led by artist/educator Kara Michele Salinas, “For the Love of it All: A Creative Spare Parts Workshop” encourages guests to step away from predictable, store-bought Valentine’s Day gifts and instead create something with a bit more heart, soul and originality. In addition to providing attendees with “an abundance of eco-friendly materials” ready to be transformed into handcrafted cards for friends and loved ones, the workshop (open to ages 8 and up) puts a romantic spin on sending an old-fashioned message in a bottle. $8 (registration required at, 10:30am-12:30pm, Eco Centro, 1802 N. Main Ave., (210) 486-0417, — BR
Sat 2/10-Tue 2/13
Jazz Floating On the River

By way of putting those nifty new riverboats to good use, the Riverwalk folks have got a pretty sweet thing cooked up for this weekend. Jazz Floating on the River, in case the name itself doesn’t preclude the need for me to say any more, is a three-day opportunity to experience something that you just don’t see every day: a parade of jazz bands (from trios to brass crews and larger ensembles) on floats, drifting down the river. The idea is that you’ll find a perch at a favorite restaurant (somewhere along the 2.5 miles of Riverwalk that runs downtown) and enjoy a meal and/or drinks with friends as you watch the concert float by. The water-borne entertainment will include more than 20 local jazz acts, representing just about everything the jazz spectrum has to offer, from Afro-Latin stylings to big band grooves, from jazz fusion to jazz funk, from the easy-going to the avant garde. Free, 7pm-9:15pm, Downtown Riverwalk, 330 E. Grayson St., — JC
Sun 2/11
Mammoth Grinder

I’m always a little skeptical when checking out metal I haven’t listened to before. I admit it, I’m that asshole. But. Holy. Fucking. Shit, you guys. Mammoth Grinder is probably one of the best metal bands I’ve never heard of, and if you dig death metal with echoey vocals and traces of hardcore (this is definitely not metalcore, guey), you’re gonna want to get to Paper Tiger on Sunday. Also on the bill are Afflictive Nature, who have a similar sound to Mammoth Grinder while leaning a little more in the hardcore direction, and Crawl, a on- man band whose sound can only be described as dark, and sludgy, like you’ve been trapped in a dungeon for a few years. Rounding out the lineup are Cosmic Behemoth, a brooding blackmetal outfit from San Antonio and Austin thrash/punk band Expanders. $10, 8pm, Paper Tiger, 2410 N. St. Mary’s St., – CC
Ellika Henrikson
Mon 2/12
Jens Lekman

If you’re not familiar with Jens Lekman, your music elitist girlfriend or boyfriend probably has heard of them and most likely made a few mix CDs (I know, I’m dating myself) with songs from Lekman alongside artists like fellow Swedish folkster Jose Gonzalez, The Knife, or Belle and Sebastian. But Lekman is a lot more approachable than your hipster friends want you to believe. While his music is a little more different than your average indie pop artist, Lekman’s music is reminiscent of everything from The Beatles to The Smiths. And even though some of his songs are a little melancholy and others are dance-y and upbeat, Lekman’s unique instrumentation sets him apart from most indie popsters. $15-$17, 8pm, Paper Tiger, 2410 N. St. Mary’s St., – CC
Tue 2/13
PostSecret: The Show

In its first few years of existence, PostSecret, a blog launched in 2005 by Frank Warren, later to become a series of bestselling books, was impossible to look away from, owing to several factors. The ongoing community mail art project that invites people to anonymously submit secrets via handmade postcards, selections from which are then posted to the blog and/or printed in the books and/or displayed in various exhibits, definitely cashed in on the rise of blogging culture, our innate desire to liberate ourselves via confession, and our love of chisme. Beginning in 2015, Warren has, with the aid of three actors and a guitarist, produced a touring show that brings the ineffable satisfaction of the concept to the stage in an engaging multimedia format. This special display of audience-sourced narratives should make for an event that is as emotionally engrossing as it is entertaining. $39.50, 7:30pm, Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater, 100 Auditorium Circle, (210) 223-8624, — JC
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San Antonio Current Staff25 images
Courtesy of Silverstein
Thu 2/8

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Silverstein have been a well-known name in the punk and hardcore world since the early 2000s; and not just because of their solid songwriting and musicianship, but because of their sheer longevity in the genre. For a group that survived the god-awful label of “screamo” (seriously, what was that?), Silverstein managed to stay ahead of the pack, producing heavy, emotional tracks without sounding like they were ripping off every other band in the genre. Also on the bill is Richmond pop punkers Broadside, whose songs might have some of the catchiest melodies in the scene. $18.50-$22, 7pm, Alamo City Music Hall, 1305 E. Houston St., – Chris Conde

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