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Geeks Who Drink Hosts Breaking Bad Quiz


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Let’s get the puns out of the way: They’re the ones that quiz, geeks are the danger, yadda yadda. But this a pretty big deal: Geeks Who Drink, the Denver-based bar-trivia-on-crack company is unleashing its latest themed quiz tackling Breaking Bad meth-heads on September 25 in 18 cities across the U.S., which is just enough to keep die-hards from fixating on the fact that the series wraps up for good on Sunday, September 29.

For those unfamiliar with Geeks Who Drink—the name should ring a bell by now—the bar trivia event is hosted by a quizmaster that lords over eight, eight-question rounds. Rounds usually include audio, visual and video components, though no videos will be used during Los Geek Hermanos: A Breaking Bad Quiz.

Shane Fordyce, quizmaster for Firehouse Pub and contributor to GWD, will play host. Themed quizzes aren’t necessarily new: the company has tested hardcore fans of Seinfeld, South Park, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Lord of the Rings. Fordyce will be at Firehouse Pub an hour before the event is scheduled to begin to register teams of no more than six. Most themed events appeal to a pretty broad swath of players, from casual to hardcore, plus there’s a cash prize, so getting to Firehouse early is recommended. “Now’s the perfect time to do this quiz; there’s a fever pitch in Breaking Bad fandom,” Fordyce said.

Although the veteran quizmaster likely won’t receive the test packet until just before the event, he’s already brushed up on all of the Heisenberg action and shared a few tips:
Fire up the Netflix queue— Binge watching is the way to go. How else are you going to remember backstories for characters such as Tortuga, Skinny Pete, Tio Salamanca, Gus Fring, Gomez, Badger, Mike and Lydia?

Assign tasks— Have team members study specific characters, themes and plotlines. This way someone can track all of Jesse’s coke binges, Walt’s middle name and Walt’s Jr.’s favorite breakfast. Minutia is your best friend.

Science, bitch!— This is, after all, a show about a chemistry teacher. What did Walt use to blow up Tuco’s lair? What goes into making that pure blue crystal? How did Walt restart the Winnebago?

Clearly, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Remember these bright stars in the 'Breaking Bad' constellation as you cram for trivia

Gus Fring

There’s a lot to be said about good ol’ Mr. Fring. He was a brilliant businessman and an impeccable dresser right to that last ding on Tio Salamanca’s wheelchair. There was always something so unnerving about a character that could keep a straight face while slitting his henchman’s throat, running two very different empires and being a lead booster for the DE-freakin’-A. When we finally learned of his tragic backstory, his icy exterior made all the sense in the world.

Mike Erhmantraut

Similar to Pulp Fiction’s The Wolf, Mike was the guy to call to get you out of bind. But his allegiances were murky and he had a conscience in the form of granddaughter Kaylee. His I’d-rather-be-fishing face was priceless, and the show could definitely have used more Jesse and Mike episodes as comic relief, or more Hank vs. Mike interrogations at the DEA. Alas, Mike was offed by power-hungry Walt and we never got to see him retire.

Ted Beneke

Early on, it was easy to hate Skyler. She was an annoying and ball-busting busybody. But her steamy and scandalous affair with book cookin’ Ted was the validation all Skyler detractors needed to continue hatin’. His spineless spending was just the icing on the cake.

Tio Salamanca

Even in his rickety chair, Hector Salamanca instilled an uneasy undercurrent in all of his scenes. Was it the scowl? Was it the dinging? Was it his inability to talk that was never really explained? Regardless, Tio was a loose cannon and one of TV’s most psychotic characters. The flashback that revealed his discipline skills over the brothers still gives us chills.


Watching Jesse woo and fall for Jane was both welcome and terrifying—we predicted this wasn’t going to end well. When firecracker Jane blackmailed Walt for Jesse’s share, viewers knew she wasn’t going to last very long. Her death and its fall out helped Aaron Paul deliver some of Jesse Pinkman’s best scenes to date.

Los Geek Hermanos: Breaking Bad Quiz

$5 per team member
8pm Wed, Sept 25
Firehouse Pub & Grill
5380 Walzem
(210) 946-9600

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