Glacier Portable AC is a high-tech, portable, and compact air cooling device that actively functions to cool down its surrounding area within minutes. The cooling device uses evaporation technology to blow fresh and cold air. It is a personalized cooler and uses minimal energy to function, making it cost-effective. It is currently up for sale at a discounted price by the manufacturer.

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Glacier Portable AC unit is the perfect companion to help one get through hot summers. The summer heat can be unbearable. The heatwaves can cause medical emergencies such as dehydration, heat exhaustion, or even heat strokes. It's always best to keep yourself fresh and hydrated and avoid excessive sweating, which is what this fantastic device is for.

For those having a low tolerance for heat, this device is a dream come true. Manufacturers have targeted one of the most commonly faced issues globally – which is extensive electricity bills or non-affordability of wall-mounted ACs. Day after day, electricity costs are rising alongside natural gas, people are hesitant to turn their ACs on in fear of the energy bills they bring along with them.

Glacier air conditioner is battery-run and comes with a USB port and USB cable to charge with. Altogether the portable AC uses minimal power to function, leading to a seemingly decrease in electricity bills. For anyone looking to save hundreds of dollars without compromising on air cooling, this device is the perfect purchase.

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Glacier Portable AC Review - How Does It Work?

Glacier Portable AC is perfect for individuals who are always on the go, yet don't want to compromise on a constant cooling effect. Once this portable AC is turned on, it cools its surrounding area within minutes. The best part is the AC's compact, lightweight, and mobile design. Users can roam around the house, go for a drive, or even to the office, carrying this fantastic device along with them for everlasting coolness.

No need to install AC's around the house, save thousands of dollars with this personalized moveable AC. The AC is not only an air cooler but an air refresher as well. It comes with special filters that separate dust particles and pollutants from the air and blow refreshed clean air onto the user.

The AC is easily cleanable, as it comes with removable filters that take two minutes to clean. No need to depend on repair and maintenance; this easy to use and easy to maintain device is manageable by the user itself.

Unlike wall-mounted AC's, there is no need to install Glacier Portable AC, and it works wirelessly once charged. The battery is durable and runs for a good 8 hours after a single charge. The long-lasting battery allows users to enjoy cooling without worrying about electricity usage or load shedding.

Apart from air cooling and air filtering, this all-in-one device functions as an air humidifier as well. Humidifying is beneficial in reducing flu and cold-like symptoms. It's also helpful for the skin and hair in dry weather.

The AC functions peacefully and does not create any noticeable sound. The low-noise functioning allows users to use it while working, sleeping, or even at the office.

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Some Outstanding Features of Glacier Portable AC

Easy usage

This portable air cooling device is simple and easy to use, and there is no technical jargon involved. The AC comes with a basic charging cable and port, and simple ON/OFF and fan speed buttons. Once the AC arrives, all you have to do is charge it and turn in on for the ultimate cooling experience.

No Installation

Glacier portable air conditioner works wirelessly and does not require any installation, which makes it even more cost-friendly and straightforward to use.

Air filtering function

The AC comes with unique filters that separate dust particles and pollutants from the air, allowing it to blow refreshing air on to the user. These filters are easily adjustable and easy to clean.

Air humidifying function

The AC also works as an air humidifier, which allows it to diminish flu and cold-like symptoms. Humidity is also suitable for dry hair and dry skin.

Compact and portable

AC's small and compact design makes it easy to carry around and shift from one place to another. The portability is one of the leading benefits of this AC.

Durable battery

Glacier Portable AC offers long hours of air cooling thanks to its long-lasting battery life. On a single charge, users can enjoy up to 8 hours of cooling. This makes it even easier to carry around without worrying about battery life or electricity.

Low noise functioning

The compact and powerful device has been reported to function silently without causing any noticeable noise. This makes it ideal for nap time, work time, and office time as well.

Decent design

The decent design and colors of Glacier AC unit make it blend in wherever it is kept. It does not stand out for being odd but looks perfectly fine wherever it is held, be it at the office, or even at home.

Fan speed options

This AC unit comes with three different fan speeds and can be set according to the temperature needs. If the temperature is moderate, one can lower the cooling to save battery. When the temperature is hot, this AC can be set on full fan speed to make the user instantly cool down.

Also check out Glacier Portable AC customer reviews and consumer reports. Does it really work? Find out more here!

Specifications of Glacier Portable AC

•  Low noise operation – up to 40 DB

•  Removable network cover facilitating easy cleaning

•  USB power mode

•  Nominal power - DC5V.

•  Negative ion working power of 1 Watt

•  The battery life of up to 8 hours on a single charge

•  Adjustable filters

•  Evaporation technology for cooling

Why Should You Buy Glacier Portable AC?

•  Energy-saving – The device uses minimal electricity to function, allowing users to enjoy fresh air without spending hundreds of dollars on electricity bills caused by wall-mounted AC's.

•  Easily moveable – It’s small, lightweight, and portable design makes it suitable to carry around, allowing users to remain calm throughout the day.

•  Personal cooling – The AC can be kept anywhere for ultimate coolness, for instance, on the users' nightstand for freshness.

•  Cost-effective – The low cost and minimal maintenance make this AC highly reasonable.

•  Positive Glacier Portable AC reviews and consumer reports

•  Long hours of AC without any sort of guilt or tension.

•  Easy to charge through USB ports, even with a power bank.

•  No installation required.

•  Humidifies and filters air alongside cooling the temperature down.

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Cons of Glacier Portable AC Unit

There are no apparent cons of Glacier Portable AC, apart from the fact that it's high in demand and may run out of stock if not ordered on time.

Apart from that, this personal air conditioner is not available at regular supermarkets or on Amazon, but can be ordered exclusively online from the official website.

Where to Buy Glacier Portable AC and Pricing?

Glacier portable air conditioner is purchasable through the official website link given below. For those living in the USA, Canada, or UK, it is best to order from the official website to avail the ongoing 50% off discount.

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The website also offers free shipping upon order confirmation and a money back guarantee of 30-days. What could be better than getting this fantastic device delivered from the comfort of your home? The device comes at a highly reasonable cost and bundle packages;

•   One portable AC unit for $89.99

•   Two units for $158.48

•   Three units for $213.48

•   Four units for $259.80

There are limited quantities in stock and high demand due to the summer heat. Order yours before they run out of stock.

Glacier Portable AC Reviews Final Verdict

The summer heat can often get too hot to handle. With excessive sweating, dehydration, heat strokes, and the possibility of other medical emergencies, it's always best to stay in air-cooled areas. Though everyone is not privileged enough to afford constant AC cooling and wall-mounted ACs.

This is where Glacier air conditioner unit comes as a lifesaver, offering ultimate personal cooling through a portable and low power device. The air cooler comes at a highly reasonable cost and is the perfect way to cut hundreds of dollars off your electricity bills.

It’s functions make it excellent for the money, offering 3-in-1 features, which are air cooling, air refreshing, and air humidifying. With this fantastic air cooling device, there isn't a moment of sweat.

The device can be bought on special bundle offers and is a fantastic gift for friends and family. Make yours and your loved one's summers bearable and comfortable.

Order Glacier Portable AC online before they run out of stock. Maybe a happier and more relaxed summer is just the right device away.

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