Live Music

Godsmack at River City Rock Fest

When: Sat., May 27, 12 p.m. 2017

The year is 1998. I’m a closeted gay eighth grader who loves bands like System of a Down and Rage Against The Machine. (I’m also 13 years old and living in Florida. Come at me, hipsters.) Godsmack’s “Voodoo” and “Keep Away” are in heavy rotation on the radio, and, basically, I’m in love with Sully Erna and his beautiful tattooed face. Since crushing hard on the nu-metal frontman (who was obviously influenced by Metallica’s Kirk Hammett), Godsmack’s fame continued to grow until the eventual dip in popularity the nu-metal genre took towards the mid 2000s. Maybe because they rose to mainstream success before the age of Napster and stuck to the formula that has clearly worked for them since the beginning, Godsmack has maintained its surprisingly large fan base throughout the band’s two-decade stint. With a new album slated for release in 2018, which Erna says is to commemorate their eponymous debut record, the Boston-based quartet has cemented their place in alt-rock, nu-metal stardom.

Price: $49.50-$85