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India ink: Express-News chisme

Two independent sources told the Current this week that the Express-News -- which bade farewell to 135-odd employees last month (and decided not to fill 30 open positions) -- is outsourcing at least some of its design and production work to India. Ad production is said to be taking longer, and ads are going through more revisions as businesses and the overseas artists work through language, context, and time-zone barriers. But the more arduous creation and approval process hasn't resulted in lower rates, we're told.

I suppose that counts as an overseas bureau of sorts.

The Current has a call in to Express-News ombudsman Bob Richter for confirmation and details. Did we miss a big news announcement or story (or an aside in one of Rivard's too-numerous-too-count we-still-matter editorials)? If so, send it our way (or, alternately, your tale of newspaper-outsourcing woe).