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When: Thu., May 25, 8:30 p.m. 2017

The only thing that made last year’s way-overhyped Suicide Squad movie worthwhile was Kehlani’s break-out song “Gangsta” (Fight me, Batman fans). From start to finish, it’s a banging R&B track that showcases Kehlani’s sultry self as she exhales crisp melodies over the rise and fall of a shape-shifting trap beat. Earlier this year, the Oakland-based singer released her sophomore effort SweetSexySavage, which was a dynamic blend of ‘90s R&B and contemporary pop. The thing with Kehlani is that she’s not some manufactured product packaged by record company executives. She’s actually lived a challenging life and has had to put in work to get to where she is now. “I literally remember having to wash my underwear in the shower and blow-drying them... and I’m banned from [a few] grocery stores from stealing stupid groceries just to eat,” she told the Los Angeles Times in an interview earlier this year. Despite overcoming the obstacles life has thrown her way (which she references in her lyrics), Kehlani is proving to be a new favorite for fans of R&B.

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