Talks Plus

Kim Russo

When: Thu., Dec. 3, 7:30 p.m. 2015

Along with “scientifically verified” or “money-back guarantee,” a phrase you never expect to see in a press release for a psychic is “Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict...,” as in the kind of unexpected snafu that required “Happy Medium” Kim Russo to reschedule her planned San Antonio appearance from August to December. Foreseeing stuff, it would seem, is part of the job description. To be fair though, Russo – host of Lifetime Movie Network's The Haunting of... – doesn't claim that she can see the future, just that she can telepathically communicate with the spirits of the dearly departed. And if The Sixth Sense taught us anything, it's that dead people have a really hard time processing irony.

Price: $45-$55