What is the first thing that comes in our mind when it comes to fitness gadgets these days? You have guessed it right! A smartwatch with a fitness tracker is all we need to keep a tap on our daily activities. In this context, the latest KoreTrak Smart Watch has been in the talks around the world. If we consider the top brands in this segment, this watch can be a great choice in terms of price.

When we talk about fitness tracking, the market is exploding with multiple options. As technology is brewing with new products, buyers can easily compare products as per their needs. According to the survey, the global fitness tracker market size to set to reach $62,128 million by 2023, with a CAGR of 19.6%

Considering this increasing market, brands like KoreTrak offering smartwatch could be the next revolution.

Let us dig a little deeper and find out how efficient this KoreTrak Smartwatch is for you.

KoreTrak SmartWatch: The Next Gen Fitness Tracker

The latest version of KoreTrak watch for fitness tracking carrying excellent hardware with state-of-the-art features one can avail at its price. It can track your biometrics and gives a handy platform for other smart applications. It has a beautiful and user-friendly interface that allows you to find our vitals within a few seconds and connect with the smartphone you use. Both the front and back are packed with glass for easy cleaning and making it look visually appealing.

Here is the list of specifications you need to compare it with other smartwatches and fitness trackers.

●      Touch-screen Display – It has a huge 1.3” HD display with apt clarity and visibility. You can easily read your vitals and notifications. The touch-screen feature of its screen is convenient and sensitive. The controls designed to access and use conveniently.

●      Battery – It has a heavy-duty 380 mAh lithium-ion battery that does not need frequent charging. You can use it for weeks after charging it once.

●      Applications The interface has an application to connect with Android and Apple iOS smartphones.

●      Carries GPS monitoring, medications, Wi-Fi alarms, and others.

●      Stylish design – The best part of using this watch is its elegant unisex design. The modern design delivers a tech-savvy look and matches all outfits perfectly. The wrist belt is very sturdy and can be used by fitness buffs without any hassle. It can tolerate extreme weather conditions as well. The only black color is available for this model. However, customers can find stylish wristbands of their choices while checking out on the website.

●      Memory – It can store data for seven days. So you can keep track of your health for a week.

●      USB Charging – It comes with a USB charger.

●      Sensors – It has inbuilt G-sensors for measuring heart rate, blood oxygen level, and blood pressure.

●      Water-resistance – This watch has an IP67 rating; hence, it can tolerate water pressure up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

It is quite nice to observe increasing health awareness across the various age groups nowadays. You find people in their 60s changing their food habits, teenagers trying vegan diets, and corporate executives buying treadmills. That explains why health and fitness-centric gadgets have become quite common. You will see more people replacing their watches with either fitness trackers or smartwatches, even as the technology keeps evolving. Buying the best fitness tracker 2020 or smartwatch, however, can be a daunting task, owing to the variety of models. The steep price can be a deterrent for some, too. KoreTrak has emerged on the horizon as a solution.

Other than the hardware specifications, you must be eager to know what this smartwatch can do. Let us find out its features.

Features of KoreTrak Smart Watch

The features of the KoreTrak watch as a smart body fitness tracker activity band are what make this the best wristwatch under $100. Here is a quick overview of the top features KoreTrak offers users:

●      Tracking vitals

The official website of KoreTrak suggests that this smartwatch can measure crucial biometrics within 10 seconds. It can measure heart rate, blood oxygen level, and blood pressure with its G-sensors.

●      Fitness tracking

The smartwatch is capable of measuring burned calories in multisport tracking. Its calorimeter works 24/7, giving you the report in real-time. It will also tell you the number of steps you have taken the entire day.

●      Inactivity alerts

For lazy people who have surrendered to their couches, KoreTrak smartwatch is a great push. This watch will give alerts based on your degree of laziness. This watch gives you notifications of inactivity when asked for. If you fail to meet the standards you have set, it will alert you to maintain your prowess.

●      Sleep activity

This is an exciting feature. With KoreTrak, you can measure your sleep activities as well. The sleep patterns are recorded well. You can track how many hours you have slept and what changes you should make to recover any situation.

●      Answering calls and tracking your phone

If you have misplaced your phone, you can easily track it down using the watch. You can also answer your calls with this watch.

Other information related to support

The KoreTrak Smart Watch comes with the following support from the company.

●      Refund guarantee

If you are not satisfied after using the watch, you can return it and get all your money back from the company within 30 days as per the customer protection guidelines. A refund will only be granted if the watch is returned with its original package and to the address provided by the company.


Some favorable aspects of investing in KoreTrak Smart Watch-

●      It helps in keeping you updated about the heart rate and blood pressure in no time

●      Helps in achieving fitness goals and assist helping to reduce calories

●      You will get 50% discount

●      It helps in giving an analysis of sleep patterns to get better sleep at night

●      Get regular health updates on the screen

How Does KoreTrak Watch Stack Up Against Other Fitness Trackers?

●      A bright, usable screen- KoreTrak is equipped with a bright LCD color screen that is legible even under bright sunlight. This is on par with the displays you get in far more expensive devices, including the Fitbit tracker 2.

●      Easy charging- You will find many fitness bands coming with proprietary chargers, and expensive models support wireless charging as well. The nice thing about KoreTrak is that it supports USB charging. So, you can charge the inbuilt battery using your laptop or power bank, easily.

●      Superb durability- The smartwatches and fitness bands get exposed to sunlight, rain, and weather elements much more than other gadgets. So, you cannot overlook the durability aspect when buying such devices. KoreTrak is a new entrant, but the build quality is on par with costlier devices like the Fitbit charge three activity tracker. The device sports IP67 Water-resistant rating, making it ideal for use in monsoon.

●      Major health metrics at a glance- When you use KoreTrak, your crucial health metrics can be assessed within a few seconds, anytime and anywhere. So, you can know the heart rate, blood oxygen levels as well as blood pressure. You can even figure out the number of calories burnt in a day and steps taken.

●      Useful alerts- Those who need reminders or alerts to stay active will like this smartwatch cum fitness band for sure. It comes with a customizable alert system, much like the Fitbit inspire tracker. This can be set up to remind you when you stay idle for a long time.

●      Detailed sleep metrics- A Good night's sleep is vital for waking up refreshed. KoreTrak offers you in-depth sleep pattern analysis, almost on par with more expensive devices like Fitbit charge 3 fitness activity tracker.

●      Access smartphone features- Is not it cool if you can make and receive calls without picking up your smartphone or taking it out of your pocket! KoreTrak lets you do that, and you also get missed calls and message alerts.

●      Smartphones locator- Quite often, you find it hard to locate the smartphone –while staying at home. It may be tucked under a cushion on the sofa or under a pillow on the bed. How many times have you used another phone to locate your phone! Thankfully, KoreTrak comes with a phone locator feature.

There is no denying Fitbit is a leading player in fitness gadgets and wearable segments. This US-based MNC is now owned by Google. Fitbit has some popular models like the Inspire and Versa 2 that sell in huge numbers, globally. The Fitbit ionic health & fitness smartwatch is sleek, stylish, and comes with loads of advanced features. However, these models are costly, and top-end models like Versa 2 cost as much as a mid-range Android smartphone.

The Fitbit devices come with some exclusive features like:

●      Amazon Alexa integration- Many Fitbit models ship with Amazon Alexa Built-in, giving users the option to accomplish many tasks using Voice command.

●      Music Experience- Using Fitbit devices, you can control the Spotify app plus store, but the subscription is needed.

●      Long battery life- The Fitbit devices offer 5-7 days of battery life.

●      Fitbit Pay- The Fitbit users can utilize Fitbit Pay to make payments without using cards or smartphones.

●      On-Screen Workouts- Using devices like Fitbit inspire fitness tracker, you can do workouts while following the fitness band's screen commands. The Premium service obtained through the Fitbit app, however, costs extra. You also gain by using the Fitbit sleep tracker. Always on Display- Fitbit Versa 2 has a functional ”always-on” display feature. The screen also has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

●      Extensive customization- You can pick from plenty of clock faces.


Is KoreTrak the Best SmartWatch to Use in 2020?

It ultimately depends on your priority and, of course, monetary capacity. To commute to the office or enjoy weekend trips, you can bring home a lavish Rolls Royce. You can fulfill the same needs by buying a Volkswagen Polo too! Both are vehicles used for transportation, but the ride experience will be different. A Fitbit zip wireless activity tracker does not come for cheap.

You may analyze the following aspects before making up your mind:

●      Budget- Just like smartphones and laptops, smartwatches come in various price ranges. Not everyone is in a position to shell out the amount equivalent to the price of the mid-range smartphone to buy a fitness band or smartwatch. When you want a wallet-friendly device for meeting fitness goals and checking health metrics easily, Koretrak is hard to beat. In fact, you can buy two Koretrak units for less than the price of most competing products.

●      Features- Granted, the Fitbit devices like Versa 2 come loaded with advanced features. But you need to do a reality check before buying one. Do you actually need all those exclusive features! If you are not using Amazon Prime, Alexa integration does not cut much ice. If you do not use Spotify, the music features are of little use. Besides, using Fitbit premium services will cost you extra. Koretrak offers almost all the health and fitness features you actually need.

●      Weather resistance- This is a major concern for people using wearable devices. In this regard, you will find Koretrak on par with most Fitbit devices. Both offer water resistance, and so you can swim or take a bath while wearing the models.

●      Styling and customization- There is no questioning the style quotient of the Fitbit devices. They all look premium and sleek. You can also customize Fitbit smartwatches using various clock faces. However, not all users care so much about gadget customization, and some of them set to focus more on the core functionalities. If you are among them, the lack of customization in Koretrak should not affect you. It is actually quite sleek and stylish.

How to use KoreTrak Smart Watch?

KoreTrak is a user-friendly device that can be used by both youngsters and senior users. First, you must install the app on your iOS or Android device. Then launch the app on your smartphone and synchronize the device using Bluetooth. That's all, and you will be receiving updates on the device screen now onwards.

●      Make sure you keep charging the watch before use

●      Wear it on the wrist and use it through a touch screen

●      You can connect it with Bluetooth (if want mobile notification)

What makes KoreTrak Smartwatch different from other options?

●      The smartwatch is comfortable to wear and use

●      High-quality components added

●      Complete tracking of fitness

Koretrak packs in so many features at attempting price, it is hard to find faults! It lacks a few fancy features found in popular brands like Fitbit such as integrated GPS and UI customization etc. However, these are not deal-breakers.


How to connect KoreTrak Smartwatch with your smartphone?

It is effortless to connect this watch with your smartphone. Find the application in the respective app store. Install it, turn on the Bluetooth of your phone and start synchronizing the watch. Just follow the steps, as suggested by the app. Once synced, you will get your notifications on your watch and will not have to bring out your phone repeatedly. This smartwatch costs just US$ 49.95 (shipping extra) and is worthy of every penny.

Where can you get this product?

Unlike typical fitness wearables like the Fitbit tracker, you will not find Koretrak in gadget stores or shopping mall outlets. It is available only on the company website, and online buying is the only option.

Price-wise, Koretrak is a tempting choice. The actual price of the device is $49.95, post a 50% discount by the company. The shipment fee is $8.95. You can save more by buying 2 or 3 units in one order. Their units bought together will cost you $112.39, and the shipping cost is $10.95. The online payment options are quite wide. You may pay using cards and PayPal. Once you make the payment online, the company will ship the device to your address.

You may still have some doubts about buying a gadget from a brand that is relatively new in the market. To ease your woes, the company is offering a lifetime replacement warranty on the device. For that, you need to pay only $19.98 extra. Compared to the Fitbit price, this is a steal deal!

Final Verdict on Using KoreTrak

KoreTrak is a unique Fitness Tracking activity band, and it also works as a smartwatch. Owing to its embedded advanced biometrics features, it can be used to obtain vital health metrics-round the clock. Style-wise, it is not far behind pricier and popular rivals like the Fitbit Inspire series. The display is bright, and the touchpad lets you tweak the settings easily. Within a few seconds, it reveals health metrics such as blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and heart rate. The inbuilt fitness apps make it ideal for health-aware lots and athletes. An android and iOS compatible device that lets you access many smartphone features quickly.

If you are looking for the best fitness watch 2020, Koretrak gets most things right, and it can fit the bill for the budget-minded buyers with priority on fitness and health metrics. From build quality to the feature set, it ticks almost all the boxes. If you care less about brand names and functionality is more important for you than styling, you can't go wrong with it.  

Although the product is available online, it is best to buy from the official KoreTrak website. The best thing to buy KoreTrak smartwatch from the official website is to get a massive discount on the purchase.

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