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Local review of Blowing Trees’ Wolf Waltz and the Big Nothing Now



Why is it that I can’t stop listening to an album with melodies that often captivate at first but, ultimately, don’t go anywhere? The fact that Chris Maddin is a terrific singer with the dramatic force of an early Bowie and the range of Freddie Mercury has something to do with it. Don’t look for any “singles” here, because there aren’t any — this is not a “singles” band. The whole album is the single and should be heard from beginning to end with no breaks. If you don’t have time for too-dead-serious indie psychedelic trips, just listen to the aptly titled “As Dark As It Is,” the album’s closer and backbone. At over nine minutes long, this multi-layered epic is a landmark in local songwriting, even if it won’t have radio programmers lining up to play it. After that, go back and let the rest of the album grow on you. All you have to do is pay attention. These guys deserve it. Catch them live June 4 at Josabi’s (Helotes) with Minus the Bear, Pop Pistol, and others.