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Loving Vincent

When: Fri., March 9, 8 p.m. 2018

Nominated for an Oscar this year in the Animated Feature Film category, Loving Vincent is the first fully painted animated feature film in cinematic history. The film was shot with real actors and then each one of the 65,000 frames was hand painted in the style of late 19th-century Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. Told through flashbacks, the film recounts van Gogh’s last days before he killed himself at the age of 37. During an interview with the Current last week, Polish co-director/co-writer Dorota Kobiela, who is an artist herself, talked about how she wanted to find a way to combine her two creative passions: painting and film. “I set out to make a painted film,” Kobiela said. “The concept was very exciting for me — to tell a story through a painting.” It wasn’t an easy task. Loving Vincent was painted frame by frame by a team of more than 100 artists from 20 different countries. “It was something unusual because painters usually work on their own,” she said. “We all had to work together and learn from each other and explore.”

Price: Free