Live Music

Lucas Jack

When: Sat., July 18, 9 p.m. 2015

On his official debut Before I Forget, Jack observes the sacraments of his 88-key idols, including honky-tonk descending chords and an emotional outlook both anthemic and exposed. But it’s the details that bring the album into a clear and lifelike focus. Jack sings of girls in love with the “tan and risky,” lives half-lived “in and out of conditioned air” and a stalled relationship putting in maintenance sex “once a month with our t-shirts on.” Though some of the songs on the album have seen light before, Before You Forget marks Jack’s official debut and a major life milestone. A Chicago lawyer in a past life, Jack ditched the briefcase and Lionel Hutz stiffness for a life as a musician (and husband) in SA. With the new album, Jack has found a solid footing in Texas soil from which to jumpstart his career. With Poor J. Brown.