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Lunchtime Links: Top 10 Documentaries of 2013, Will Uruguay Trigger a Global Marijuana Revolution?, There’s Now A Coloring Book To Teach Your Children To Love Ted Cruz, Digital Cartridge to...

...Breathe New Life into Old Super 8 Film Cameras, Google is now funding numerous Tea Party groups + More




1. The Top 10 Documentaries Released in 2013 According to Indiewire's Film Critic "The following 10 titles, released over the course of the past 12 months, represent both ends of the spectrum. Collectively they show that even as some of the more straightforward approaches to documentary filmmaking continue to enthrall with topical issues, the various ways in which documentaries as a creative practice will keep developing are limitless." (Indie Wire)

2. Will Uruguay Trigger a Global Marijuana Revolution? "Uruguay is poised to legalize recreational marijuana on Tuesday, an experiment that will force the United States to reevaluate its own international drug policies." (Fusion)

3. Man armed with sword demands free tacos from San Antonio restaurant "Adam Kramer, 28, is accused of using a sword in an attempt to get free tacos from a southeast Bexar County Mexican restaurant." (KSAT)

4. 'We are now able to eavesdrop on the brain': Scientists come closer to mind-reading devices following breakthrough brain study "The breakthrough comes from a Stanford University School of Medicine study that was able to 'eavesdrop' on a person's brain activity as they performed normal functions by utilizing a series of electrodes attached to certain portions of the brain." (Daily Mail)

5. Ancient Martian Lake May Have Supported Life "About 3.5 billion years ago — around the time life is thought to have first arisen on Earth — Mars had a large freshwater lake that might well have been hospitable to life, scientists reported Monday." (NYT)

6. There’s Now A Coloring Book To Teach Your Children To Love Ted Cruz "Are you a new parent terrified that the liberal media will turn your child into an Obama supporter? Or do you just need something to entertain your kids during those long drives to Tea Party rallies? If so, then a brand new coloring book is just the thing for your family! The “Ted Cruz to the Future™ – Comic Coloring Activity Book” is a “non-partisan, fact-driven view of how Texas Sen. Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz became a U.S. senator and details, through his quotes and public information his ideas for what he believes will help America grow,” according to its publisher Really Big Coloring Books." (Think Progress)

7. INFOGRAPHIC: How to Tell if a Toy is for Boys or Girls: The Definitive Guide (Good Men Project)

8. Remembering John Lennon: New App Reveals Rare Photos "You can guide yourself through scenes from the vacation using your phone: Walk around the island, or guide the sail boat through a storm the crew encountered. Lennon, the only one not incapacitated by food poisoning or exhaustion, was left alone at the helm at one point; he sang sea chanteys and later likened the experience to being onstage at the height of fame. He also credits the wild experience as the catalyst that inspired him creatively and helped conquer his writer's block." (People)

9. Nolab Digital Super 8 Cartridge to Breathe New Life into Old Super 8 Film Cameras "A lot of film people have deep connections to Super 8 cameras, once the medium of choice for everyone from film school students to porn directors. But it’s getting harder and harder to actually use the things, as stocks of film cartridges dwindle. To the rescue comes Nolab, a project to build a digital adapter that will allow any Super 8 camera to shoot 720p HD video." (PetaPixel)

10. Google is now funding numerous Tea Party groups "Google is funding a number of groups advancing the Koch brothers’ agenda, the company recently disclosed,in a flagrant disregard of its “don’t be evil” ethos." (death + taxes)


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